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Medical Program for Weight Loss

For those patients who require losing between 5 and 12 kg of extra weight, Lima Obesity Surgery Center has created a Medical Program for Weight Loss of 3 months long. This program aims to a change in the patients’ lifestyle through a system of medical support which includes nutritional supervising and the incorporation of regular physical exercise.

The aims of the program
  • To reduce weight excess
  • To prevent putting on weight again, on the long term
  • To teach the patient the necessary principles for managing his or her weight and foment his or her health on the long term

The program is made of three important parts:

Medical Support

Before starting the Weight Loss Program, it will be necessary to know of the patients’ clinical and nutritional state, for which an evaluation will be made by one of our specialists and the following laboratories analysis will be taken:


  • CBC
  • Glucose
  • Basal insulin
  • Cholesterol, total and fractioned
  • Triglycerides
  • Total lipids
Nutritional Support

Our program includes nutritional advice by a medical nutritionist, specialist in the treatment of patients with overweight or obesity problems. Throughout the medical consultations, the expert will supervise, week after week, the patient’s progress and will incorporate to his or her diet whatever is necessary to lose weight in a healthy way.

The nutritional support, designed individually for each patient, aims to reduce the energy in food to produce a negative energetic balance, which is fundamental for the treatment of overweight.

Physical Activity Support

The Physical Activity Support consists in a personalized exercising program, designed according to the individual characteristics of each patient, taking into account medical, nutritional, and social aspects.

The program includes advice from a Personal Trainer who will elaborate a training routine which includes cardiovascular exercise, muscular stimulation, stretching and relaxation; all of which will take place in the patient’s home. To make the training easier, the Personal Trainer will carry out the routine along with the patient, helping and accompanying him or her in their effort to reach the desired weight.


Finally, the program aims to change the patient’s lifestyle, through learning the main principles to manage his or her weight. In this way, they should achieve being motivated by their own success, and incorporate the principles that they have learnt like habits, which will be useful to the patient for the rest of his or her life.

For any further information about this program, please call (51-1) 224-6252 and an advisor from our center will be at your service to inform you about the advantages of the program, costs, or any other question you may have.


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